B-Side Conversations

The side you don't hear. The side that has so much to say.

host/producer: Jonathan Hall

Thanks for stopping by! I started this podcast for two reasons. The first reason was to record the stories of my framily to have as a record for our daughter Simone, particularly the stories from the side of her framily that are black. Humans don't live forever, and neither do are stories, but stories last longer than people so there you have it. The second reason I started this podcast was to get the unique stories of black/brown folks out into the world in a way that more people can experience them. We often say/hear that minorities are not all the same, but there are few mediums for people to have a first hand experience with the unique lives of people of color. So this podcast is essentially for curious white folks. I kid. This podcast is for anyone interested in hearing about the diversity of black/brown folks and for engaging in a more thoughtful reality, one that includes narratives that are largely absent.

The football show is spin-off of the main podcast and focuses on race and the sport I enjoy the most. Commentary on football these days is a-social and a-racial yet many of us know that is not how the sport is experienced or lived by those involved. We have fun on the show, but we don't shy away from discussing the things the major sports networks are too afraid, but more often too ignorant to discuss. If you love football and are looking for more than just the basics take a listen.